Sunday, June 7, 2009

An AIDE for Bor Kirby's Mom

Fraternity and Sorority are words assosiated with frat wars in most universities and colleges. Despite this fact, the Gamma Kappa Phi Fraternity and Sorority still continue to pursue proving to the world the true meaning of brotherhood, as our founders has aimed for.

On the 17th day of May this year, an incident on our Brod's mother knocks our heart. A call for a brotherly help for Bor Kirberto V. Pelone's mother who was earlier diagnose to have Breast Cancer and finally known to have Skin Cancer. IOTA chapter GNM quickly responded the call despite busy schedules, an act highly appreciated by fellow IOTA brothers and sisters.

The call reaches the different ends of Kappans world that leads to the sending of their heartily given donations and prayers. For that, in behalf of IOTA chapter, we would like to extend our high and mighty gratitude to everybody. Special thanks is extended to the following for their financial donations to Bor Kirby which amounted to
Php18,228.56: Bor Mar, Bor Cha, Bor Sig, Bor Carlo, Bor Joseph, Bor Orville, Bor Erick, Bor Rodolfo, Bor Readkey, to the MMKAC and to the fund drive of Bor Mar for Bor BB.

Once again, we have proven to the world that we are in adherent to the ideals of true fraternal brotherhood...a brotherhood thicker than water.

"There's no such thing as failure." Thank you very much brothers and sisters..!!

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  1. Hello Brods and Sis,
    This will be our temporary media portal for IOTA until further projects will run through.

    High and mighty...