Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bor Jonathan's Father Needs Help

A message from Bor Verner Abella:

Dear all Kappans in the USA and the neighboring Countries,

Our brother Brod Jonathan "Athan" Vergara (a product of Iota Cebu Chapter- Cebu Aero affiliated with the USC Kappans) and currently in Corpus Cristi, Texas, need our helping hand. His dad is having a liver problem and recently admitted at Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu City. Brod Athan is also a registered and active member of the GKP USA alumni organization and always been a true supporter and contributed other financial assistance to our fellow Kappans who are in need in the US and Philippines.

We need your financial assistance and your generosity is highly recommended and appreciated. Any amount will do and please see below for the details of where to send the check or money order. No cash please.

Send all money to the GKP USA Treasurer, Brod Jojo Bahonsua and must be payable to Gamma Kappa Phi USA and a special note for Brod Athan's financial assistance. Brod Jojo's address is at 3000 Birchwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60645.

Thank you for your kindness in the name of Brotherhood, Service and Honor!

Brod Verner Abella Jr
Iota-USC 1993
GKP USA President

Now in Maryland USA

Bor Jonathan Vergara

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pens of Hope

A friend of mine is having a fund drive to help gave pens to the children of Northern Samar. I am posting this in case anyone of our brothers and sisters would like to extend their blessing to this less fortunate children.

You can either buy the drawings at php75 or directly give pencils to them. You can also donate any amount to buy pencils. It would be great if this will become one of the Fraternity project.

Your thoughts my fellow Kappans...!!


In unity, there is strength. Brothers and sisters, I would like to share you guys the emails of our brilliant minded comrades with the regards to our project issues, especially on giving aide to a fellow Kappans.

Below is the opinion of one of the Kappans leader:

All Brods and Sis,

My personal opinion for this concern is purely that what we are been doing is not fair to all Kappans who are in need regardless what the reasons are. To those alumni who shared their piece to Brod BB regardless what the amount they gave, could they provide with the same amount to an unexpected event that may happen tomorrow or the following week or so? Regardless with our profession if we are an environmentalist or not, we are one blood as Kappans and nothing else, so my point is could we provide with the same amount we gave from this certain event to the next unexpected event (individual or the total amount)? If the answer is no then here is my personal proposal to the GKPI Council and to all Kappans; all Brothers and Sisters who seek a financial assistance regardless what the concern is will only be given this substantial amount like we say P20000 only and nothing else. Kappans’ immediate family, parents and relatives are only given this certain amount I would say P10000 only. This way, the treatment of giving contribution aid to our brothers and sisters are fair and everyone can be benefited. I always believed that it’s not the amount of money that we showed generosity but our will and way to help regardless what the amount is. So, if the person in-charge of collecting the contribution reaches to P100000 then the difference of P80000 will be the emergency fund and only the P20000 or P10000 will be given to the recipient. This is my humble suggestion to have a limitation of giving contributions in order everyone can be benefited and a fair treatment to all.

The GKPI Chairman Brod Ed Cadavis always maintained from the beginning that case like this should be conducted first at the local chapter before anything else. If the local chapter couldn’t handle the problem anymore and needs urgent attention nationwide or worldwide then the local alumni president will send a request letter to the Provincial Chair or directly to the GKPI Chairman. For me, this is a clear protocol guideline but few still don’t understand the system. So if I were to interpret, any concerns like this should not be posted online and should be discussed first from the local chapter internally in closed doors. It will only be posted online at our email group when the local chapter president or their representative sends a request letter to the Provincial Chair or the GKPI Chairman for financial assistance. Once the GKPI Chairman posted this online then that’s the time we are going to contribute. Again from my suggestion above still we will only give this substantial amount of P20000 or P10000 or whatever the amount is agreed by the council or officers in-charge.

I also believed that this service is for all alumni. If the GKPI Council is open to my idea then we can use other funds that we contributed from all alumni worldwide not only for financial aid but also to projects like scholarship or sponsor a development program from our chapter example all Iota Kappans abroad will conduct a fundraising to develop and improve the projects of Iota Chapter with the assistance by the alumni or student council and etc. We should think that Kappans is not a charity organization but a service of school activities, outreach programs, and other form of activities. So therefore I conclude that giving financial aid to our brothers and sisters who are in need are only part of Kappans goals and objectives and not the primary thing to do.

In Brotherhood, Service and Honor

Brod Verner

Iota-USC 1993

GKP USA President 2007-2009

This next email is from one of our brilliant brod:

Dear All,

I re-read again the proceedings of the 2008 First GKPI Convention (Tacloban). Indeed, a commission was already created to pursue projects on this aspect (Charity, Donation, etc., I think, fall under this commission). Whether the technical working group has finished formulating the functions and have them approved for implementation by the Council, is I do not know. I remember somebody has been appointed to head this commission.

So to gather suggestions now is a repetitive process. I think the best way is to remind those who have been appointed or elected to function in their respective roles. No offense meant, but I think thats definitely what is lacking here. Most of the officers and commission heads have forgotten about the tasks assigned to them.

We understand that most of us are really very busy and can not attend to the tasks - yes, this is a very valid reason, of course. Or it could also be because we have already lost interest in pursuing what have been agreed as our direction during the 2005 National Convention. I think we should address this or we will never succeed.

SO In preparation for the next Convention, we should include thinking about why in the latter part, Commission heads and other officers are no longer visible in carrying out the GKPI activities. (BOR ED CADAVIS, XI IVY and BOR JARVS are the only officers, commission chair who are visible nowadays. The rest are never heard from nor read about since one year ago).

1. Maybe a solution to this perrenial issue is to solicit first the intention to run for office or head a commission well in advance, say three months.

2. First timers, who have not shown proven commitment, should never be nominated/elected for any post.

3. Maybe, this early, members (or even a team of complete slate) who are interested to run can openly discuss their team and platform of projects.

4. The internet(e-group) is more visible than the local chapters. Can we run the organization through the e-group? There are members who can not attend conventions but have been effective in their participation through the net. To me, they are better than certain national officers, local chapter officers and or/commission heads. Maybe we can also elect officers from the e-group.

5. Oustanding members. This has been suggested that the Alumni Organization only admits members in good standing (attendance, dues, active participation) so we can really draw commitment. but this has been shot down as discriminatory. Maybe, this can be evaluated for a second time.

I hope we ponder upon these points. No personal attacks to anyone. Lets really think on how we progress in putting our organization forward. When all things fail, then we call it, hanggang get together lang talaga tayo, reminiscing the old days, waweewa, anniversary celebrations, and just see our pockets if we can help a vrod in need.

The CHOICE IS YOURS. it really lies in our collective hands.

Pls see excerpts below from the 2008 GKPI International Convention.



MSU Delta '76

Arguments are very common in our e-group. Somehow it would mean different to others but when we read between lines and when we understand the situation deeper...the bottom line is we are arguing because we love KAPPANS. We want this beloved fraternity to be in one path, a path where we all should be going, a path to a more glorious future for the group we ever adore.

Let us be more united....Let's do it brothers and sisters.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

An AIDE for Bor Kirby's Mom

Fraternity and Sorority are words assosiated with frat wars in most universities and colleges. Despite this fact, the Gamma Kappa Phi Fraternity and Sorority still continue to pursue proving to the world the true meaning of brotherhood, as our founders has aimed for.

On the 17th day of May this year, an incident on our Brod's mother knocks our heart. A call for a brotherly help for Bor Kirberto V. Pelone's mother who was earlier diagnose to have Breast Cancer and finally known to have Skin Cancer. IOTA chapter GNM quickly responded the call despite busy schedules, an act highly appreciated by fellow IOTA brothers and sisters.

The call reaches the different ends of Kappans world that leads to the sending of their heartily given donations and prayers. For that, in behalf of IOTA chapter, we would like to extend our high and mighty gratitude to everybody. Special thanks is extended to the following for their financial donations to Bor Kirby which amounted to
Php18,228.56: Bor Mar, Bor Cha, Bor Sig, Bor Carlo, Bor Joseph, Bor Orville, Bor Erick, Bor Rodolfo, Bor Readkey, to the MMKAC and to the fund drive of Bor Mar for Bor BB.

Once again, we have proven to the world that we are in adherent to the ideals of true fraternal brotherhood...a brotherhood thicker than water.

"There's no such thing as failure." Thank you very much brothers and sisters..!!